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The Open Exhibition 2018

Successful entries for The Open Exhibition can be found HERE
The successful entries for the Young Artists Open, and award-winners in the junior competition are HERE

Successful entrants to the adult Open Exhibition must hand-in their entries to St Barbe
on Thursday 15 or Friday 16 February. All work must be approriately labelled (see below).


Click Here for instructions on how to label the art works. Please follow them carefully and label all art work. 

Key dates for The Open:

Website open for submissions: Tuesday 2 January 2018
Deadline for submissions: Sunday 28 January 2018
Notification of successful submissions published on the website: Thursday 8 February 2018
Handing in days at the museum: Thursday 15 or Friday 16 February 2018
Private View: Thursday 22 February 2018
Young Artists Private View: Saturday 24 February - 11am 

Exhibition opens: Friday 23 February 2018
Exhibition closes: Sunday 15 April 2018
Collection days for unsold works: Tuesday 17 April and Wednesday 18 April 2018

View Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Entry


Website open for submissions: Tuesday 2 January 2018

Deadline for submissions: Sunday 28 January 2018

Notification of successful submissions published on the website: Thursday 8 February 2018

Handing in days at the museum: Thursday 15 or Friday 16 February 2018

Private View: Thursday 22 February 2018, 6-8pm

Exhibition opens: Friday 23 February 2018

Exhibition closes: Sunday 15 April 2018

Collection days for unsold works: Tuesday 17 April and Wednesday 18 April



Each artist may submit a maximum of two works

These cannot have previously been exhibited at St Barbe Museum and Art Gallery

We recommend that artists submit recent work (ideally from the last three years)

Works will be available for sale unless the artist requests otherwise


£8 per work or £15 for two works

£5 per work for students (who must provide evidence that they are in full-time study)

Entry fees are non-returnable


All submissions must be made online via the St Barbe website (inc. address)

All artists must submit one image of each work

Images should be as clear as possible and of the submitted work

Images should be jpeg files and not exceed 3MB in size

Image files should be named with the artist’s name and the title of the work

Please contact the museum if you do not have access to a computer

For 3D works please submit one image only that best represents the work

All successful submissions must be delivered to the museum on Thursday 15 or Friday 16 February 2018 (10am – 4pm)


The exhibition is for paintings, drawings, prints and sculpture

Two-Dimensional Work

For 2D works there is a size restriction: no work should exceed 1m in either height or width (including frame)

Reproductions of paintings or drawings (e.g. giclée prints) are not eligible

All printmaking techniques are eligible (woodcut, lithograph, etching, screen print and digital)

Digital prints are eligible if it is clear to the selectors that they are original artworks made by the creative use of digital technology and not simply photographs or reproductions


Three-Dimensional Work

For sculpture there is a size restriction: the maximum floor/plinth space is 50cm x 50cm

Sculpture must not weigh more than 30kg and must be easily portable

Artists should provide display instructions where necessary

Artists should consider the health and safety implications of exhibiting in a public space

Where an artwork is deemed to be a health and safety risk St Barbe Museum reserves the right not to display it



All framed works will be hung with mirror plates so works must be suitably framed

All existing fixtures should be removed from the back of the work

St Barbe Museum will attach its own fixings for display

Metal frames and clip frames are not acceptable

Box canvases are acceptable provided they have a wooden stretcher strong enough to take the museum’s fixings



Labels must be printed from the file provided on the museum website

Labels must be securely fixed to the work with string long enough for the label to hang over the front of the picture

The artist’s name, address, contact number and the picture title should be marked clearly on the back of the work

The top of abstract works should also be marked on the back of the frame



Successful submissions to the exhibition will be published on the museum website on Thursday 8 February



Artists are responsible for transport to and from St Barbe Museum

St Barbe Museum will not cover any costs relating to transport or the return of work (including postage and packing)

Works should be delivered unwrapped (there will be space for artists to unwrap works on arrival – all wrappings must be taken away by the artist)


St Barbe Museum will take all reasonable care in handling and safeguarding works submitted

However, work is submitted at the artist’s own risk and it is strongly recommended that artists make their own insurance arrangements



The price stated on the submission is the exhibition selling price and this must include St Barbe Museum’s commission of 35% (including VAT)

Editioned prints can be sold unframed, artists must provide an appropriate unframed price

Artists will be informed of orders for unframed prints via e-mail once payment has been received by St Barbe Museum

Artists must mail or deliver the work to the purchaser within 2 weeks of the notifying e-mail

The artist is responsible for all postage and packing costs



Copyright of the work remains with the artist

However, by submitting online and accepting the exhibition terms and conditions the artist agrees that their work can be used for the promotion of St Barbe Museum and its exhibitions



Unsold work can be collected from St Barbe Museum on Tuesday 17 April and Wednesday 18 April 2018

To collect your work please bring some form of ID

If a third party is collecting they must bring that ID or a letter stating they have permission to remove the work on the artist’s behalf

Works that have not been collected on the above dates will incur a storage

charge of £15 per work per week

If any work submitted has not been collected within 3 months, St Barbe Museum shall be entitled to, without prior notice to the artist, sell or otherwise dispose of such works and to devote any proceeds of such sale or other disposal as it may think fit in its absolute discretion



The following prizes are offered this year:

The New Milton Advertiser and Lymington Times People’s Choice Award (£300)

The Coastal Gallery Award for best contemporary abstract work (£300)

The Mary and John Symons Award for best print (£250)

The Blake Morgan Award for best painting (£250)

The Ted Marsh Award for best work by an artist aged 18-21 (£100)

The Beaulieu Fine Arts Award for best work by a non-professional artist (£50 of framing)