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Schools Activities

Exciting times ahead in the Learning and Engagement department at St Barbe Museum and Art Gallery.

Our Learning and Engagement Officer is in great demand from the Schools in the New Forest areas. She has been meeting with school staff and presented all our interesting and exciting activities. When learning is fun, learning will last! Do get in touch with us if you want to book an activity about the History of Seaside Holidays and find out what a ‘Penny licker’  is, or to discover and learn the (light) science behind the Materials World; or become a smuggler, a caveman, an archaeologist, a maritime archaeologist!

St Barbe museum is where the magic of old tales and memories become reality and enriches everybody’s experience. The history of our wonderful area is studied and presented in all its multifaceted marvels, saltmarches, boats and boatbuilders, the dark years of the two Wars,  the Romans, the Saxons, the Victorians are all companions in the journey of knowledge. 

Get in touch and you will be helping us developing a sense of ownership of our past for the appreciation of the present and the understanding of our future.

For details of our Schools Membership scheme - including terms and conditions and special offers click here. Any questions please contact 

Activities for Schools:

1. The history of seaside holidays (KS1)

2. The material world (KS1)

3. The magical world of old toys (KS1)

4. Smuggling (KS1 & KS2)

5. How to be an archaeologist (KS2)

6. How to be a caveman (KS2)

7. How to be a curator (KS2)

8. Boats, boatbuilders and the waters of Lymington (KS2)

9. How to be a paleontologist (Fossils) KS2

10. The Romans (KS2)

11. Salt-making and saltmarshes KS2

12. WWI (KS2)

13. WWII (KS2)

14. Local democracy (KS2)

15. Seas, shipwrecks and pirates (KS1 and KS2)

17.  Victorian Britain (KS2)

18. This is my town! KS1