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Mindful Monday

4 February 2021

The team at St Barbe are always looking for ways to connect with their supporters, with lockdown that can be a challenge. We have come up with new ways to communicate... Paola Palma, our Learning and Engagement Officer, has recently started Mindful Monday on our Facebook page using objects from our collection.

Mindful Monday

‘Your body is a temple’

There is a link between our body and heritage in the wider sense. They both hold our identity, they protect and preserve our mind and thoughts and it’s our job to understand and protect them. In the same way as we look after our heritage, we need to learn to look after our body too.

Be kind to yourself, be gentle and slow.

Now, we invite you to sit down comfortably, prepare yourself a nice hot drink and tune in to a nice piece of music if it pleases you. Stop, regulate your breathing and, gently and slowly, read this poem.


Stress hooks its claws into the brain

creating false truths and unreal realities

to confuse, to assault, to breaking point

There's no refuge in the past or future

The only answer? Breathe.

When thoughts spiral out of control

like a jet plane on a fatal collision course

there's no respite and no saving grace.

When even sleep becomes a banned destination,

look to the place of salvation. Breathe.

Anxiety can build and surge in a flood

overwhelming rational ideas and calm.

Depression throws its hooks into the mind

and drags thoughts into the mud.

The perfect antidote? Breathe.

Focus. Not on the unchangeable past or on the unknown mist of the future

but on the now. The moment. Your breath.

Let it bring the calm that's desperately needed.

The final answer? Breathe.

by Alistair HMP Dumfreis

Find out more about how St Barbe is seeking to preserve our minds as well as our heritage here

Image: Chiffchaff by Carry Akroyd.

Mindful Monday

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