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St Barbe selected for Digital Storytelling project

30 January 2020

Calling to past and present Children of Lymington

It is a great pleasure to share with you our good news: we have been chosen as one of the ten Museums in the country as recipients of the learning module Digital Storytelling with Museum Collections.

The project is centred around audience development and enhancing public engagement utilising resources pertinent to the former Lymington Church of England School – which, as you know, used to be hosted in our very own building. I am working on the digital content that will showcase part of our amazing and unique collection related to the children of Lymington.

The aim is to inspire the wider community to appreciate our local heritage and to take an active interest in it, not just by following and interacting with us on social media but to coming forward with stories, documents and photographs which are pertinent to the school days of the St Barbe building and people.

Do you have a photo or a story to tell us?

If so please email some details to and let’s have a chat. If not, follow this very interesting Digital Storytelling Project on our social media and you can still contribute to the project.

Let’s give the Children of Lymington, from the past and from the present, a voice to be heard.

St Barbe selected for Digital Storytelling project

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