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#Giving Tuesday

3 December 2019

Today is #GivingTuesday, as a charity St Barbe relies on donations from the public as we receive no regular funding. The team at St Barbe Museum and Art Gallery are setting up a Disability Access Panel - as part of #GivingTuesday we are launching our appeal.

We aim to engage people with physical, sensory, speech and language impairments, people with learning difficulties, mental health service users and those with hidden impairments, within a context of promoting the widest possible access for everyone. Many of the barriers to access experienced by disabled people are shared by many others in society.

During our refurbishment we installed a ramp, an accessible toilet and we ensured that all visitor facilities are on the ground level. We would like to go a stage further and reach out to those who have additional needs, we want to help tackle social exclusion and be a place of enjoyment, learning and inspiration for all.

To get this up and running we need funds. Here at St Barbe we receive no regular funding and to instigate important projects like this we need community support. This is where you come in, perhaps you could forgo your morning coffee or empty that jar of coins you’ve been collecting? Any amount will help us get this project off the ground.

To donate please click on the large green button at the top of this page, there is a simple process to donate.

For more details on our other projects and the different ways to support us click here

Thank you in advance for your help

#Giving Tuesday

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