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John Ward retires

18 December 2018

Retirement of John Ward

John Ward has retired after 10 years dedicated service as Chairman of the Friends of St. Barbe and a Trustee of the Museum.  John and Sheila Ward, who also inaugurated Lymington Open Gardens, have been integral to the development of St Barbe over the years and have supported the museum through the many phases of its transition to today’s modern and inspiring space.  John has raised funds through orchestrating events for members of the Friends organisation, enabling acquisitions and promotions of the museum and art gallery.

John has many other interests in the New Forest and we are confident he will have a continuing interest in the wellbeing of St. Barbe.

A big thank you to John and Shelia for all their support and hard work.

New Chair of Friends

Prue Baker will be taking over as Chair of the Friends and taking the organisation through the transition to a close support group for St Barbe.  Prue’s background was initially in libraries and research, followed by a career in business management and marketing. She has been Membership Secretary of the Friends for the past couple of years.

We are looking for new recruits for the Friends’ Committee, so if you are interested please contact Prue at

John Ward retires

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