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The Ocean Brothers donate to St Barbe

20 August 2018

Lymington locals Dr Greg Bailey, 28 and Jude Massey, 19 - aka the Ocean Brothers - set off in January 2018 on an epic challenge to row across the Atlantic.

Inspired by their father, Peter Massey, who passed away after a long battle with skin cancer. Greg and Jude began their journey with the aim to raise £100,000 for Skin Cancer Research.

Overall, they spent 53 days at sea. The challenge forced them to push the bounds of endurance after a succession of equipment failures, misfortunes, calamities, pain and near misses they made it to Barbados in March 2018.

We are delighted that the Ocean Brothers donated some posters, a newspaper article, two leashes and a compass for the museum collection. Greg and Jude explained why they specifically donated the leashes and compass to St Barbe:

“The leashes were the only thing which kept us from being washed away and drowning. If we were to be hit by a freak wave and we did capsize once then the leash kept us attached to the boat. In the dark or strong winds it would be impossible to swim back to the boat and you would be lost at sea. When we did capsize after a freak wave we came tight on our leashes and were able to climb back in.

The compass ended up being our only way of navigating. The back cabin had a leak and water slowly dripped on our electronics which eventually failed. From here onwards day and night we had to take a bearing and follow the compass constantly rowing a little left and then right following the needle in the compass given. It was our only means of hitting Barbados.”

What a fabulous addition to our collection! They will now be preserved in our collection to inspire future generations.

If you would like to know more or to donate please follow this link:


The Ocean Brothers donate to St Barbe

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