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American Coin Collector helps The Boldre Hoard Campaign

12 January 2017

An American businessman is offering to match pound for pound all new donations to the Boldre Hoard Fund until the end of January.
Richard Beleson from San Fransisco has promised to donate up to £7,500 in a final push to raise the funds needed to buy, preserve and display 
an ancient treasure trove of Roman coins, dug up from a Lymington field in 2013.
An avid English football fan, the American executive, has decided to nickname the initiative ‘The Leicester City Challenge.’ Mr Beleson explained: “If Leicester City can win the Premier League, then certainly the good citizens of Lymington can raise an additional £7,500 by the end of January!”
The generous coin collector said: “I love England, the English countryside, the English people, and English Football.”
Mr Beleson heard about the appeal after watching an online video of TV historian and Boldre appeal supporter Dan Snow with local school children at the launch of the fundraising campaign.
“I was very touched by the video. So I am making my donation in honour of the school children of Lymington,” said Mr Beleson.
“While I am a collector and am supportive of the right to have private collections, I love museums and think that artefacts like coin hoards should be kept intact in the British Museum or local museums, if there is an interest.”

American Coin Collector helps The Boldre Hoard Campaign

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