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Art Historian Sister Wendy congratulates St Barbe

11 August 2016

Sister Wendy has  written to St Barbe to congratulate us on our exhibition earlier this year by The Arborealists.
The art historian and TV presenter, who now lives a hermetic life at a nunnery in Norfolk, wrote to say how much she has enjoyed reading the fully-illustrated catalogue that accompanies it.
Sister Wendy shot to fame in the 1990s when she presented programmes, such as ''Sister Wendy's Odyssey'' and ''Sister Wendy's Grand Tour,'' which often drew a 25 percent share of the British viewing audience. Sister Wendy made her U.S. debut on U.S. public television and that same year The New York Times described her as "a sometime hermit who is fast on her way to becoming the most unlikely and famous art critic in the history of television."
In her letter, Sister Wendy says: "The Arborealists catalogue has been a great joy to me. It's a magnificent concept and so well carried out". She then begins to pick out her favourite artists but realises how long the list would be and gives up!

The catalogue is included in our current book sale - and is reduced from £25 to £18.75.


Art Historian Sister Wendy congratulates St Barbe

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